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The article for today.

Continuing the Ductible wireless, there is a quote from the article for today:

Start quote: "Internet provider do not want you to know about this! Chris Hirst and Matthew Anderson are 2 computer engineers... They both worked for a large internet provider and that is where they discovered a dirty secret... Internet providers are deliberately slowing down your connection! By analyzing your internet data usage and slowing internet speed and bandwidth during peak hours. All internet providers are doing this to trick people into an expensive internet package and to give their top paying customers more bandwidth." end quote.

Then they announced that they found a way to bypass the internet speed throttling for wireless technology.

So thanks to these 2 engineers there is an available non tidy secret at least after that announcement.

I have also noticed the same behaviour for another type of wireless connectivity not only in peak hours.

Namely it is for the mobile wireless connectivity.

Unexpectedly, in the same place the wireless hotspot which links to wireless mobile connectivity shows during some times that the wireless mobile connectivity status switches from 2g(GPRS/EDGE) to 4g(LTE) and vice versa for various periods of time, while the device is resting unmovable at the same place. I made such observations contstantly with irregular intervals of time.

Taking into account the data in the networks are mostly copies: Links and objects, that fact makes at least one argument, why internet service providers are deliberately slowing down the particular user connections during providing connectivity service, if there are many copies in their networks. For example, for codifying and decodifying such data flows in order to minify them during the transfers in the networks.

However from the end user perspective such events are the sudden downgrades from 1000 Mbit/s maximum(~1000000kbit/s) to 384 kbit/s-40 kbit/s maximum of transfer, for example, for downloads, and vice versa.

Those ones are around 2604,166666666666667 - 25000 times of order changes in transfers and data transferring startlingly.

These phenomenons are exaggerbating the two factors.

There is no active promotion of such possible actions in most of the data transfer service packages. Similar to that the data package (you possibly will buy or purchase) may decrease its data transfer speed 25000 times maximum at once for data wireless mobile connectivity package. And vice versa. Suddenly.

And the second one is that there is no any free or purchasable accountability service for data transfers in wireless mobile connectivity internet service providers. For example, some report about that "we downgraded your data flows from XX:XX till XX:XX from XX technology to XX technology.". Best with the reason why is that. Or. "You are a copycat in your data transfers as of XX%.". Or. "We analysed you data flows ___without___!!! your express permission and we found that you are mostly copying XX% percent of the data you have downloaded and XX% of the data you have uploaded.". Because unlike those two engineers for me the internet service providers both wireless ones and wireless mobile connectivity ones(and as well the satellite ones) currently with their services are merely a blackboxes, which are providing the data about monetary values of the mobile account and the amount of bandwidth with a limit with no informations on those downgrades and upgrades. While that is a part of the service. And while some other mobile devices as of 2006 from my knowledge, provide much more statistics from their side at least from those times.

Those two factors are boiling down to and cooling off at the point of same principle with a remark at the article from 2019-03-05. Reminder about Data neutrality.

There are only 383 days from the moment of publishing that remarking article with 2 engineers in "WIFIX UK YT 3" video article and the article about Reminder about Data neutrality or it and 467 days from the moment of publishing this article.

So still after a bit more than a year after that reminding article, I publish this article in order to serve as another reminder about Data neutrality with an emphasis on the yellow pressish topic repeating and boosting the Data neutrality principle and mentioning the brink of data neutrality as well.

The update from 2020-07-01.

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