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The article for today.

Post's main point from my observations:
crystal-clear solution is rather time-consuming to achieve for some development and rather warming for usage in some array of situations.

Recent trend is: avoid angularjs from thousands of developers at different forums and boards. Personal input, that I tried it and I can agree it has a rather subjectively steep-learning-curve. But from the other side it has its places in different contexts. Yes, angularjs has a built-in router module(ngRoute module).
Why that happens, I am asking my common sense?
Is it a lack of expertise? Is it some major flaw? Is it some other reason?

No matter what, but the idea is not so black and white. Let's say, I am with a team of developers: let's say 100 professional developers. What would I choose: a crystal clear library or the tested and reliable framework with sustainable set of features?

My answer: it is still depends. Depends on the time I have to estimate only this narrow set of two approaches.
If I have enough of time to test and the developers are eager not too much to hurry, but instead to work with again only these two approaches, but with the intention to try and test both ones. Then this is the approach to choose. Even though maybe it subjective while assessing this specific development case.

Other case is the context, when there are lack of time. Lack of time usually sounds as greedy interested person, improfessional management or some force majeure. Possible? Quite often, as subjective apperception. But that's another story. What will be chosen? The most known as a first, and only then agreed + conventionally approved approach by this team of developers. The main idea is to deliver still. So the acknowledged and agreed majority can run the project faster than the development or research. From the other point of view, it is very hard to manage the conflicts and possible waste of time.

The other case is a very long-term or fault-prone solution. Here the research approach for other available option would be put, even though only two option two options available. And quite possible that "home-made" solution is the place for it. Which could lead to simply usage of clear-small routing library. Which also could lead to creation of another crystal-clear library or framework. Maybe it will not become so popular by itself, but usable and having its niche in future projects.

So router or navigator? Why not to ask for intuitive question: what is the context? What are the specific details of it?