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The article for today.

Mobile technological world is pretty active today.
Mobile devices of all shapes and forms have captured the pockets of citizens of the urban and rural area.
Content rendering. Not forgetting about the diversity. Tablets, pads and desktop devices are still in it.

The situation in question: you are designing an application for a quite open public. There are no user research results. The analytical data, which was gathered, is quite controversial.
Or user research/analytical data gathering will not happen at all. Or reasonless. Or maybe no time for that activity/ no budget/ your description may suit.
Of course, some may say at this point, that this a root reason of this situation.
But that does not deny the following status-quo.

The dilemma is: the accent of design usually is put on some user group with a limited resources. But knowing only the business needs(project lifetime, deadlines, budgets, others) and the so-called technical resources(human and non-human), the device group for users should chosen to put the main accent at it and spend the most of resources there.

As it can be revised: there are only two known informational factors.

If to take the situation from the other way round: the users, meaning the interested group who will probably be using the results of design(and its implementation) are not business-oriented and they are not technical oriented.
Therefore, it will be missing a user-advocate for users, shan’t it?

So the cornerstone question: maybe chose some random and let it be? For example, let's go mobile first (by design)?
For example the results for Q3 2014-Q2 2015 are quite contrast:
by mobility: link
by usage: link
by screen resolution: link

They are not even or close by screen resolution, but there are two major groups: so called desktop sized devices as the biggest. The so called middle sized devices are such as so called tablet sized, pad sized as second-biggest group. Quite a third-biggest group by size by criterion of screen resolution.
What is interesting: it is the new comer group such as set of tv-devices, with the current popular resolution 4K(link), which is gaining traction, are making a place in this pie.

So as usual, can the proper choice for be reasoned without understanding of users not only guess-basis, business needs, technical resources about the main accent for design and future development, whether it is the mobile-first design or some other type of design even not visible in the horizon of the current and short-term informational trends?

The update from 2020-11-11.

tricycle quadrocopter diversity Leonardo da Vinci helicopter

As long as some identications create temporary authentication tokens(which are subjects to substitution and withdraw) and in case such device is smart meaning it has the computer and scanner for those authentication tokens and such device is social, meaning it has connection to internet or to other network, then such device can power off and block itself as a fail fast strategy when the authentication token after scanning is out of service in the area. Still then it is dependent on validation, verification and other geographical area services in certain cases.

The update from 2020-11-13.

Whether the mobile energy unit is using gas, electricity, wind flow pressure or other.

Мобільність та немобільність

Стаття сьогодні.

триколісник чотиригвинтокрил різноманість гвинтокрил Леонардо да Вінчі

Так довго як деякі визначальництва створюють підтверджувальні значки (які є предметом заміни і відкликання) і у випадку такий пристрій є розумним позначаючи він має обчислювач і зчитувач для тих підтверджувальних значків і подібний пристрій є спільнотним, позначаючи він має з'єднання з інтернетом чи іншою мережею, тоді подібний пристрій може вимикати себе і блокувати себе як провально швидкий план коли підтверджувальний значок після зчитування є поза зоною обслуговування в околицях. Тоді досі він є залежним від перевірки дієвості, перевірки спроможності і інших земляних площаних послуг у тих мережах у деяких випадках.

Оновлення від 2020-11-11.

Чи мобільний енергетична одиниця використовує газ, гас, електроенергію, тиск потоку вітру чи інші.

Оновлення від 2021-09-03.

The update as of 2021-09-03.

As long as the form of constant or excessive video conferences is limitable to an extent unless the amount of video conference providers is more than the amount of limits, the form of repetetiveness, such as constant or excessive or trivial creation of web HTML pages such as this one is not so limitable as previous one, and taking into account the previous versions of some frameworks, which had through time a form of designer for that is one approach to limit this one, not only in HTML frameworks.

Оновлення від 2021-10-25.

The update as of 2021-10-25.

Поки існує замінне використовування обох формує це групу чи ні, в цій і в цій сторінках нема навіть приблизних цифрових даних про таке використання тих способів у цих випадках з якомога безпомилковим планувальником чи планувальницею щоб створити такий подібний перелік.

While there is usage of both ones interchangibly whether it forms a group or not, in this and in this pages there is no even approximate numerical data on such usage of those approaches in those cases with at maximum mistakeless planner to create such list.