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If I label the device, such as display, which function mainly is to render, to show, to actuate, with no sensors inside, with the opposite label and from the other domain, such as retina, which function is where light is converted into neural signals sent to the brain, to sense, so as retuna display, then it will look like probably as a speculation, as not right term substituion, as term mixage.

Yes, so it is. From the point of view of me as a human.

No, it is not. From the point of view of me as a computer.

These windows, consoles, programs and so on and much more that is visible on the screen with what the user inputs are similar to the passive computer vision for the computer.

For computer it is similar to its visible state as for me as a human for my retinas in my eyes for my brain are the visible surroundings around in three dimensions.

If the computer has camera, cameras and uses it, them on its own request, user request, other software request along with computer vision technologies, then it is similar to the active computer vision for the computer.

Following such logical construction with these human and computer points of views with devices with similar functionality from different domains with single responsibility, the computing device's speaker would be called, for example, drum ossicle Corti's speaker as for the passive computer hearing, because the microphone is providing the active computer hearing as one of its parts by following such logical constructions for the active and passive computers' activities;

the computing device's touch surface, surfaces would be called, for example, nocitouching(as for nocitouchee and nocitoucher) surfaces, while receiving, making touches.

However some laptops have some devices, which humans do not have right after birth, such as keyboards, unless they are possibly bionic ones, cyborgs.

So these devices are by origin from and in use for the human culture.

Other physical cultural devices are in some mobile laptops as keyboards, as virtual, software devices(some smart telephones and smart tablets and smart pads does not have in them physically, and they have the possibility to connect by connecting to, with them), because they have the possibility to mix inputting touch functionality and actuating displaying functionality, with one after another order in the form of the corresponding layers, still holding the single functionality responsibility principle in those layers.

I would apply that similar assessment with such cultural security devices as fingerprint identifiers inside some mobile laptops and other mobile devices.

Also some computers and other devices have physical ports, such as USB-C, USB-A, microUSB, Thunderbolt, Lightning.

Also some computers and other devices have wireless interface ports, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Previously some of the physical ports transferred only electronical and electrical data, and currently as of 2020-03-19 some ports allow to transfer both electrical enegry and electronical and electrical data through them.

When I eat food, I will consume both energy and parts for body from food most probably.

The update from 2020-07-11.

In case of the software emulator the active and passive computer vision and other activities are in a more inner form. Because the software emulator for visuals and sounds does not have mostly for example own camera for active computer vision unless there is such software possibility. Instead the software emulator uses the other devices with provision and availability of external computer.

With connection to anthropomorphism.

Оновлення від 2020-07-08.

Дієве і пропускаюче обчислювальне бачення.

The update as of 2021-03-11.

Оновлення від 2021-03-11.

лінії lines

The update as of 2021-06-07.

Оновлення від 2021-06-07.

Pixel is for 2 spatial dimensions.

Voxel is for 3 spatial dimensions.

Піксель є для 2 вимірів простору.

Воксель є для 3 вимірів простору.

The update as of 2021-06-07.

Оновлення від 2021-06-07.

У обчислювача, у комп'ютера якомось рівнем є в наявності в переліку лише 2 значення: 0 і 1. Тобто, комп'ютер чи обсислювач це теж і перелікатор комбінацій лише 2 значень. А значить його тим його рівнем є, щоб точніше, описати як двозначний обчислювач чи двозначний комп'ютер чи двозначний перелікатор.

The update from 2021-11-19.

Оновлення від 2021-11-19.

Так що наприклад коли якийсь компілюючий складач поза доступом досяжності а швидко провальна стратегія чи інша не застосовуємі, з'являються якісь одиниці в переліку для якогось перелікатора. І сам перелік.

So that for example whenever some compiler is out of reach and a fail fast strategy or others are not applicable, it appears to be some items in a list for some lister. And a list itself.