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Java chapters

Previous HTML validation was at 20220304.

There were several issues with image names and some imports of JavaScript files from remote locations and not allowed HTML markup used for representation only.

Previous validation of text with selection will have text to speech pronunciation at this web site with a help of was at 2021Q1.

Previous HTML validation was at 2021Q1.

The update as of 2022-02-23 from link finder at an online web service.

404 Not Found Transport accident chapters(2021-05-28)
404 Not Found    Weight gravitational motional zorbing interface for blind, deaf, dumb, tasteless, scentless, numb (in)abilities (2020-08-19)
404 Not Found  Application system (2020-09-02). Loggable in and not loggable in.
404 Not Found Emulator for small single board microcontroller and small single board computer(2020-05-21)
404 Not Found   Digitizers and paperizers(2020-07-18)
404 Not Found  Partly unstructured synonymical query, request language; puSQrL(2020-08-16); give me that financial data where profile identifier equals 222; fetch that financial data where profile identifier equals 222; choose financial data where profile identifier equals 222; get financial data where profile identifier equals 222; bring financial data where profile identifier equals 222; similar to explain, describe, desc in SQL, structured query language; similar to queries to search engines; similar to queries to voice assistants
404 Not Found   Device with selection among mobile wireless connectivity, wireless connectivity, voice connectivity, several ones optionally(2020-08-17)
404 Not Found File signature and mask tracing(2020-08-20); trace -rw-r--r-- 1 user_name group_name 1996 Aug 20 2020 public.crt
404 Not Found Resilient framework where the antihacking features are active by default. Програмний каркас де антіхакінг можливості активні за замовчуванням(2021-07-03)
404 Not Found   Compiler over compiler; compiler compiler; compiler interpreter(2020-08-05)
404 Not Found    Obligatory else and obligatory default condition(2021-05-26)
404 Not Found   mvn pom.xml or gradle build.gradle generating tool in Java or JavaScript(so for example to compile Java or JavaScript with mvn or gradle inside Java or inside JavaScript)(2021-06-06)
404 Not Found  Mobile ...
404 Not Found    Mobile autonomous defence system(2020-05-24)
404 Not Found  Mobili transportus(2020-06-01)
404 Not Found Mobil autonomous welder(2020-06-10)
404 Not Found  Mobile adapter(2020-07-19)
404 Not Found   About mobil-. 2021-08-27. It is strange, ha, you did not find, didn't you? Дивно, ха, ви не знайшли?
404 Not Found  About mobile-. 2021-08-27. It is strange, ha, you did not find, didn't you? Дивно, ха, ви не знайшли?

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404 Not FoundΦίλιπ_Φράνσις_Νόουλαν  Філіпа Френсіса Нолана Philip Francis Nowlan
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There was not much direct feedback that had pointed me to those issues, so still fixing them one by one, and waiting for an inquiry of a web service or alike which points there after its findings along with previous distributed approach.


also for sms message about validation issues.


Про деякі інщі.


Про деякі інщі які відсутні.


Досі один з цих у застосуванні для цих веб сторінок. Достатньо альтернатив йому одна з яких теж присутня. Наприклад такий принаймні але й доступний лише для групи веб сайтів чи веб місць. Але якщо якась з них не підтримує чи змінює підтримку як у 3 розташування до відсутності підтримки місцевого розташування то вона стає або лише мережевою як то у хмарному розташуванні чи також у веб серверному тобто у веб обслуговуючому. Тому навіть якщо ця веб сторінка і нагадує один з таких за методами щодо пошуку щодо тих випадків і і за тим діленням щодо додатково щодо відсутності від 2022-06-23 вона саме таким чи саме такою не є.


Такі випадки у ППіНТВСуІ.

1. Якщо немає ГТТП коду для посилання як то для його виображення як посиланням. Також можлива наявність розширення чи плагіна для деяких таких програм чи за допомогою повторюваного підключення зовнішнього кода JavaScript чи якогось його одноразового налаштування щодо таких підключень такого коду. 2. Перехід у веб за посиланнями як то;2 чи;2022-02-22 одращу з пошуком після нього у такій програмі по веб сторінці з налаштовуємим відокремлювачем як то separator який у цьому випадку є ;. 3. Перехід у веб з пошуком щодо веб пошукач за преференцією чи веб пошукачки за преференцією з налаштовуємим відокремлювачем і самим протоколом пошуку як то WEB_SEARCH:IFTTT.

2022-07-29. There is this question at stackoverflow but other than the situation with the type of it at and as of 2022-06-09 such package as powermgmt-base in one of package managers at least in Ubuntu provides the source of it, if not its type. And similarly in other ones than Ubuntu where that package manager is supported. If to apply via PingerAndMover approach as of 2022-02-18. There should be a distinct web page for those applications.

Another one in that package manager is bolt. And if others than thunderbolt 3 via such approach would be supported as an interface that would mean if not wirelessly only a suitable wire with corresponding connectors > would be required then for some situations at least.

2022-08-31. In another triggeral system for another yet neighbour interface such approach is reffered as accessory security as in by Natalie Polly as 2022-08-30. as a generalisation there as of with a user explicit consent for such connections to a former approach as one distinction and with another distinction per those 2 functions as of recharges and data transfers.


A quote from Jedona - Compiler for Java by Ketan Appa; from an application store of its storage: "Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based and object-oriented. It is intended to let application developers write once, run anywhere(WORA), meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine(JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture." Yet previously there were noo many such compiler applications for that platform. While if from that definition in that quote to abstract to non typical case and if NOT regardless, then the following ones are aligned: 1) its deployment to that platform previously and currently as in WORADA.;2021-03-21 . Mainly as in among application for as one platform;;2 ; 2) such a split of such applications there in that platform into 2 types: online and offline or internet and internetless; ; 3) OR addition of a subtype to a web IDEs and non web IDEs respectively.;2021-10-14 . with their respective features and limitations though some similar applications have a mention of not for complex Java application development or have a mention as it is an editor though and but providing compilations as a function. Among which ones, when while, when in a case of this specific one as this platform and as a web IDE, for such platform as a client for such compilation in Java or compilations in Java, if such compilations are not inside that client, then it is sent over internet, thus a data transfer, thus it is via some URL, a provider-ready for such compilations in other possible web locations via other URLs for them. Once again in a case of if NOT regardless, that definition is broader and it is more complex for developers, BUT that architecture is taken out into account, BUT in case of offline or internetless compilations, such compilations are encapsulated and are that definition is not broader and around the same for development though at least in a specific environment such as for applications as in that specific platform.;2 . Although that WORA was initially as a promise and as an intention, in other similar applications there in that specific platform as in JVM Programming Language by Anastasia Kovba ; ; and by as in a report of privacy as a feature for that application which includes some data tracking of some data tracking in that specific platform and in Pico Compiler - Java 9 IDE JDK by Marcin Olawski ; it is solved for example by applying intrinsically a such scale sometimes

    1 compilation of code <-------------------> more compilations

and their corresponding business models as by one of the limitations in those applications particularly later at least at that specific platform.


And as there is a mention by unmatched light years ahead flagship a Language Translator by Mate ; for $29.99. No subscription! by Twopeople Software which is later Gikken; in their blog;, there are at least 3 categories for data tracking 1) tracking and no account for privacy; 2) tracking and an account for some privacy; 3) no tracking; even if developers do not send that data to some storage of some application.

2022-09-01. Bitcoin as a part of blockchain, AND other similar ones also as by definition at has at least one distinctive feature which seems to be a bit forgotten at least locally in proximity and at least at a moment, and it is an idea of less restarts or otherwise restartless for software. There is a mention there that "..Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central.. managing transactions.. collectibely by a network.. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public..and everyone can take part." thus 1) it should be running as a software at a peer location. 2) It involves transactions. 3) If such software for it is crossplatform, it supports in that idea all of those platforms in a support list where it runs on by an implementation of it as a software. With a help of peers or a network of peers. If and when by taking part. 4) Thus it does not deny restarts though, it puts more load on others in such a network then in these cases of restarts. 5) That one for that idea sis in cost of as other non idle softwares, by additional load on several infrastructure parts for such software.


zzz the hacker provided another script as a solution as of 2022-02-17 with a name: "dissmiss cookies warning" with a description as "Agrees to the cookies dialog to make it disappear forever". Though it seemingly returns by that to a previous situations before cookies warnings alittle and many other UIs have already a corresponding button for that one, it also highlights a feature of automatic dissmissing as 1 of 2 options in this case for a dialog if some UI contains such component as a dialog for it. At least in browsers.


Деякі особливості у Mesh. Some peculiarities in Mesh.

  • 1.

cuzi added a script with a name "Youtube Genius Lyrics" on 2019-06-17;2022-04-17.

Though both ones are web services, but if to listen on repeat to that one, though it is only to listen and not necessarily with lyrics, but otherwise then it is of 3 web services and if it is implementation dependent, then those are not linkable. As via for example IFTTT. At least in browsers.

  • 2.

hoothin added a script with a name "Easy Offline" on 2016-08-25;around 2022-08-07.

It searches for some specific type of web links and some specific types of files in a web page and some specific types of web links to video files as in a current one web page and then streams them to some cloud storage automatically. Which is also an automation or/and a subtype or/and extension of and to a cache solution.

  • 3.

For many among content downloaders at least in browsers;, there are per local ones as a script;;2022-09-01 and per using a web service: for a list of web services from which ones if more than one and for a list of type of content of if more than one. There is a script also by hoothin as of 2016-10-08;2022-03-06 for merging some results from several search locations in web.

  • 4.

In scope of mvc; or not, when there are too many data to represent, it is paginated. In around 2010 several social network added automatic pagination to their products. Some frameworks;;2022-05-03 with some UI components have such components with such feature. X.I.U. added "AutoPager" on 2020-12-27;2022-08-31 to append the next page content to the bottom of a web page seamlessly and hoothin added "Pagetual" on 2022-01-17;2022-09-01 for that one as two scripts. Such ones for copying and pasting; At least in browsers.

2022-12-03. Some mobile triggeral systems start neither CLI nor CLI of CLI. Деякі мобільні перемикачеві системи не запускають не КРІ і не КРІ КРІ.;2022-11-21. Але у одному ІСР для такої перемикачевої системи описано про те що вона запускає для деяких додатків а для складних ні. Можливо це було навіть у одній з описаних попередньо цією сторінкою тому щощ не знайду у якіій саме наразі. Але оце не для складних додатків тобто not for complex application, можливо і додатково специфічно як то application specific чи самме мобільно преемикачево системно специфічно як то mobile triggeral system specific а можливо і підказка для визнначення таких додатків там з КРІ чи без. Як свого часу було про односторінкові веб додатків як то web single page applications;SPA. Тобто підтип. Це також можливо і підказка щодо розмежування простих чи складних додатків там а саме принаймні у такому веб ІСР. Також невідома роль фреймворкових програмних каркасів при їх використанні чи застосуванні для таких складних додатків.